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Welcome To My Head.

This is the Info Post!

Hello and welcome to my livejournal. D: Its not much, but its really all I got that will act as a repository for information on my comic: Headvoices. It's here that I will be posting updates on that comic as well as any others I have planned. Enjoy your stay, but please remember to shut the door on your way out. I'd hate for anything to get loose.

Hey, kids!

I don't normally do this, but I think it's about time I start. Now, I'm in the process of working on my own comics, and along the way I've come across many online comics that have tickled my fancy and given me hope that maybe someday I can be as productive successful as they are XD.


The Phoenix Requiem: Astounding artwork and interesting storyline; the artist is the same person who does the artwork for Dreamless.
Marry Me: A favorite of mine. I love the art style and the storyline is cute.
Goodbye Chains: I love this comic to bits! The art style (both in the beginning and when the new artist steps in), the storyline - it's all very entertaining.
Alien Loves Predator: Okay, not exactly a webcomic, but damn funny nonetheless.
Evil Diva: Cute and fun to read. Love the drawing style!
Sorcery 101: An entertaining read with a unique art style. The artist is also responsible for making As We Were and Strange Someone, both of which are also fun reads.
The Awakened
: Very unique, awesome art style and interesting storyline.

I wish I could adequately give descriptions without giving away too much of the plot or sounding like an idiot D: But I figure it's better for you if you just click the link and find out how awesome they are for yourselves. They're all well done and interesting to read and look at! :) Enjoy~!

updates n' the lot

OKAY! I HAVE GOOD NEWS! I've finally sat my arse down and forced myself to think up titles for my nameless comics/book ideas. Here they are:

- "Headvoices" - You all know what this is by now, and if you don't, get off my livejournal.
- "Satan's Little Girl" - Hell comic
- "Marcellus" - 1860's alien comic (I know, so original)
- "A Change of Heart" - the insane story
- "ExorcismFAIL" - Still dunno wtf I'm doing with this plot, but its the one with the demon and the priest. It would make a better comic, but mehhh.

So there you have it. Ian and Shane's story is still unnamed. The "Marcellus" script is nearly completed, so I'm hopefully going to be working on that very soon. I'm also working on a new book idea, which I may or may not call "Cyborg Manifesto" that has to deal with aliens (yes again), and something the History Channel mentioned about the theory that aliens created the human race to be their slaves. Yesss. It's still a very early WIP, but I'd like to work on it.

On a sadder note, I have jury duty tomorrow. FML, people, FML.
Back from Otakon! Shamelessly copypasta'd from my dA page:

Otakon '09Collapse )

Alright, now onto the good stuff. I have seriously worked on my 1860's comic, now entitled "Marcellus" to the point where I need to complete three chapters and add one more before I'm ready to start sketching. I want to work on it before Headvoices to see if I'm capable of finishing it. If I can finish "Marcellus" I have no doubt I can finish Headvoices. The chapters are a bit long, but meh. Better than too short. Currently I'm manipulating the Bailey house design with the program "Google Sketchup", which is a really really useful program for making backgrounds and shit. Can't wait to put it to good use! XD

But yes. I hope before the weekend's out I'll have the script complete, and then be able to get started. Will update. 



Let's get the vitals out of the way first.

Otakon 2009 is in full swing with only 16 days to go. Costume is 99% done with minor complications, but I could wear it as is. Staying with Shawn, Lauren, James and Mo in their hotel. At least I'll have Mo to talk to if the boys and Lauren start doing stupid shit. We'll see. At this point I don't care if they're assholes; I'm going to fucking Otakon and having a kick-ass time regardless of any faggotry that may occu
r. Hopefully everyone will be chill.

I made a checklist for Otakon so I won't forget anything - this includes food. I'm bringing my own stash so I won't starve or go bankrupt with the insane Inner Harbor prices. Lol, my mom is dead-set on making sure that James doesn't mooch any money/food off of me. Frankly, she doesn't need to worry because I'm not giving him a penny or a crumb. Maybe Mo, but she's the one with a job so I don't need to worry hahah. I have $200+ for spending money, so I hope to buy SOMETHING this year, be it a wallscroll or a T-shirt. No weapons; they look nice on walls, but that's all they're good for.

Whoo, what else? Umm, art/comic/novel-wise, nothin much happening. I've been working on my STILL unnamed 1860's comic and it's coming along all right. I have an ending planned, so all that's left to do is work on the shit in between. I've done nothing with Ian and Shane's story (thinking of naming it "Kismet"), as with "A Change of Heart". Unnamed Hell comic still on hiatus. 

Headvoices...oh, god. There's this one scene I want to tweak, but if I do that, shit will go down. I've just recently extended the final battle by a few scenes, but I'm still unsure on the ending. I can pick one of two people to die/live, and frankly it's a really hard choice because I could make it work either way. I'll figure something out...eventually.

That's all for now. 

All I wanna do is -bangbangbangbang-

Updates on stuffs:

- Headvoices: Considering putting more of Doctor Oz in there. I feel like he was introduced too abruptly and needs more backstory.
- Unnamed Hell comic: Really no progress made since the last update.
- Unnamed 1860's alien comic: No progress made since last update.
- Ian and Shane's story: See above.
- A Change of Heart: I've progressed majorly as of lately and I've figured out the ending, but I feel like there needs more shit in the middle. Workin' on it.

-ExorcismFAIL: New story/comic idea that probably won't be made into either. I have a simple plot line sketched out that goes as follows
A young priest performs his first exorcism, but is only successful because the demon he was attempting to exorcise decides that he'd much rather be with him! In exchange for being able to stay in his home, the demon agrees to help the priest hunt down other demons causing problems. Problems and gayness evolves from there. D: Still working on the full story line.

Undertaker cosplay came todaaaaay, which means I only have to order the wig and take care of a few little things--and then bam! I'm done :3 I r excited :3
James is going as Dante from Devil May Cry. Go figure, lol, but whatever floats his boat is fine with me. I just hope he orders shit in time.

Argh, that is all.
Okay! I'm in a better mood than I have been lately, so no drama in this post :)

First off, today I purchased with the help of my mother a digital camera. I still have sixty bucks left over from the money I set aside for it, so that's going straight to my Otakon fund. I swear I'm not leaving this year without something! After three years, you think I would have bought something. (That hat didn't count since Patty paid for half of it, btw). But yes, I am very content with my life right now.

After my dad drove me to Target for the camera, we stopped at the mall to have dinner. It was actually nice; usually I dread going to dinner with one or both of my parents. My dad doesn't talk, my mom either doesn't or won't keep her mouth shut. I don't really mind, but bleh. Today, though, when my dad brought up the reason for buying a camera, I told him it was mainly for Otakon, and we started talking about it. Since it's something I like to talk about, I didn't shut up about it XD I mentioned to him the whole "video journal" of this year's trip and admitted that I know I'm going to be disappointed because it's not going to go my way. My dad told me I was like my mom in that aspect: I see something awesome and expect it to happen, and get all depressed when it doesn't. Ah well, at least I'm recognizing ahead of time that things probably aren't going to go well. But apparently I was in a good mood, because on the drive home my dad said, "you know, you're fun to be around when you're in a good mood." I took it as a compliment, and thus ended a good dinner excursion.

So yeah. Good mood! I'm waiting for my camera to charge and then I'm gonna take some test shots and videos. I want to see how much video I can take on this thing; I'd rather not run out of film in the middle of Saturday XD. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, though. I get all excited and envision the shit I'm going to record, but then instantly I tell myself that it's not going to happen. I'm just going to take everything in stride. This year is gonna rock! :)


the spotlight lives in all of us

Blah. Got lazy and ordered my cosplay costume off of ebay. Should be arriving next week, give or take. Decided to go with Shawn, James, Lauren and Maureen in their hotel. Mom's "disappointed", Beck thinks its a waste of money, but there's no way I'm staying in the same hotel as her for all three days. I want to bring/buy a digital camera so that I can do a sort of documentary video thing on the way down. I think it would be cute and cool.

Art-wise, I think I've defined a style? Well, narrowed it down between two styles anyway. I figure that's the best I can do. I haven't been drawing much lately, 'cept for a bunch of Marcellus doodles that I posed on dA.

School is almost done for the summer. I have a paper to write in-class, a huge final to worry about and a shitload of journal entries to hand in for the same class, and two papers to hand in this saturday. So save for the journal entries, I'm pretty much done. THANK. GOD. I am so fucking sick of school it's ridiculous. Too bad I have to go to Temple in the fall. I'm going to be slammed so hard.

Uhmm, so I've been working on that insanity story, which I've called "A Change of Heart". It actually kinda has a plot now...though it's turning into something weird and difficult for me to write about. I dunno. Still outlining the plot. 

Ian and Shane's story is like, 70% done. That's the most completed work I have thusfar. Lol, and I can't even let my parents read it. *sigh* Oh well. I hope to finish "A Change of Heart" sometime soon, but I'm kinda in a slump as of right now. Blarg.



Yep, tis true. Probably not a big comic (please god, no), but I'm super excited for it. It takes place in 1860 England, during the Victorian Era. It's not really a historical comic, though. Not when you throw an alien into the mix XD.

To sum up i
n depth: The Baron James Joseph Bailey III, having just lost his wife and fourth child during labor, is depressed. His two oldest childen (the third being just 13 months old), James Joseph IV (Jimmy), and Gwendolyn-Alice Virginia, do their best to cheer him up, but nothing seems to be working. Meanwhile, in space (XD), an alien ship is busy blowing up. A male and female couple and their lone child manage to escape, but all hope looks lost as they speed out of control towards an unknown planet (Earth). And on that planet, while James, Jimmy and Gwen are outside, they see something streak across the sky and crash-land a few miles away. When they reach the site of the crash, they are horrified, shocked and amazed at the sight of a demolished alien space craft half-buried in the dirt. Venturing inside what remained of the cockpit, they discover the alien couple. The female is already dead, and the mortally-wounded male is pointing frantically to what James discovers to be his child. Shellshocked by the whole situation and not knowing what else to do, James takes the child home with him. Gwen affectionately names him Marcellus, and everything else is history.

Sorta. After that, I have no idea what else to add to the plot. I know Marcellus is going to be working in the Bailey household as a butler and servant to Gwen, but then what?

I have a bunch of people's profiles laid out, the Bailey's Estate designed out via description, and a few ideas of what I WANT to happen, but no real solid plotline. I would try to focus on Gwen and Marcellus' relationship. Marcellus knows he's an alien but still struggles (and usually fails) to be human. I mean, the guy can only speak in broken English, he's terrified of loud and high-pitched noises, and has a strange love for fishies. And his skin's orange. Yeah.

I haven't designed anyone yet, but I have a feeling its going to be fun. I've always wanted to do a Victorian Era style comic, and so far things are looking up. 


More to come on this later. I'm having a blast! :3



Well, it appears that there was a typo on the website that I bought the Blood+ DVD from. They apologized and offered me a discount on my next purchase, which of course I am taking. Part 2 of Blood+ isn't out yet, so I figure I'll get it for Christmas or something. At least that problem's solved.

Uhhh got a new scanner. It's pretty cool, though I haven't been in the mood to draw/color ANYTHING lately. I don't know what's up; I'm probably just depressed or something stupid. I have to start sketching shit for Headvoices. Nothing serious as of yet.

Speaking of Headvoices, I re-read most of the script after staying away from it for a few weeks and started making corrections. I thought up a different ending. The first one leaves people going "aw, dude", but there's shit in there that doesn't make sense and kinda pisses me off now. The new one I thought up is stretching it, but there's far less dialogue and could be taken different ways. Not sure what I want right now, so I'm keeping both. As for the rest of the story, things are probably going to keep changing. *sigh* It can't be helped, I guess.

I thought of a name for the un-named Hell comic I have, but I can't remember it right now D: It was probably lame anyway. Story-wise, not much happening there. I've got stuff in mind, but don't know where to script it. Kinda putting it on hold for now.

Ian and Shane's story is being worked on as I type. I've decided to make it a novel, possibly with illustrations. For right now, I'm using it as a way to relax when I'm getting up tight with the more important shit.

The same thing goes with that insanity story...thing. I'm losing hope in that one, thought. D: Not sure WHAT I'm doing with it, lol.

Sorry for the rant. D: